chapter 11

out of no where a girl stepped out making my eyes go wide.

she was a beauty.

but i judged her too early.

her eyes sparkled with something i didn't like when she saw Night as she rushed over him.

the first thing she did was to apologize for being late with an excuse of...

.hear yourself

"I apologize for being late your highness i was trying to look presentable FOR THE PRINCE!"

she pressed "For the prince" a bit to much and threw her best seductive smile at him

Did i just say she was a beauty.....let me rephrase that

she is a beast in beauties skin!

My blood boiled in anger.

Well she is here flirting with my Husband....well not real as i don't accept him as husband but still!

Who the hell she is to flirt with him?

My question was answered when the woman k declared i hate the spoke

"Annalise! daughter you really waste your time doing so you look pretty in whatever you wear"

I heard Night groan in disgust

Stupid piece of shit this Kim was and her daughter was something else

they want
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