chapter 97

“ my nothing for good IQ saved your damn life not just once or twice Aro.”

“yeah just like it put me in danger too!” Aro said with a fake happy tone

“ You are the idiot who came after me so shut up and bare with it”

“ more like die with it” Aro said rolling his eyes and was about to move walk away from wall when Enola pushed him back

“ what the fu…”

“don’t step on the black bricks” Enola warned

Aro frowned and looked down only to find one black brick between 6 red bricks in a benzene ring pattern

“how did you…..”

Enola know what his question was so she answered him while cutting him off

“ when I entered in here I took a good look at the surroundings. Nothing seemed odd until we got in this ally way. the pattern seemed off and I was proved right when you stepped on the black brick”

“okay Mrs smarty pants. Lead the way”

Aro said as Enola started leading very carefully



Ancient times

“how honest of you guys” Blade said with sarcasm. His guards searched for weapons but found none from
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