Chap-6*Losing My Mate*

Phoenix Hart’s POV:

My pack was going crazy about this whole situation. Savia’s body was left at the Wailing River for the Wailing Brides to collect. The issue left was regarding Tanner and me.

“You should have been the first to call for his jail time,” Iris had finally found a proper time to make me look bad in front of my family. We all have gathered around in the living room to discuss this matter and try resolving it without anyone breaking any rules.

“Markus is not looking good, he just wants to spill blood,” Zion came out of Markus’ room and sat down with Iris, who had already started spreading venom.

“It is an unfortunate event. Who would have thought my daughter’s arrival back in the pack would get scarred like this!” father let out a sigh as he passed me a weak smile. I know it shouldn’t have been about me and rather about Savia, but as a father, he had seen me sit silently in the corner my entire life. He was upset that the only time I got my moment to shine, it was replaced with a sad and a disastrous day.

“Well, if only she hadn’t said yes to her mate, he wouldn’t be wandering on our grounds,” Iris whispered again, she was the most vocal one when it came to Omegas being treated badly yet here she was taking over my Alpha brother and shamelessly accusing me.

“What do you mean by that? Are you trying to say he came here to meet me and found Savia first?” I tilted my head, not afraid to glare at her.

“Phoenix! She is only trying to help,” Zion disapproved of my behavior towards his mate. Clearly, he must have shoved his fingers in his ears to not be able to hear the kind of remarks she passes on to me.

“This is what you call help? Her sentence started with me and ends with me,” I argued back as it was my right to do so.

“You really are not guilty at all? In cases like these, sisters would die thinking their mate hurt their brother and look at you. I can’t believe this,” Veronica, my own sister, was on their side. And why not? She had been jealous of me ever since I joined the warrior academy. She thought it would make me grab all the attention, and it did.

“All of you shut up!” my father suddenly raised his voice when nobody was backing off, “And you! Keep my daughter’s name out of your mouth. And if it is too hard, you can go back to your home for some time,” my father pointed a finger in Iris’ face, compelling her to let out a gasp in shock before he turned his attention to Veronica.

“Your sister is also going through a lot. Her mate has been accused of a horrifying act, do you think it is a picnic for her, do you want her to cry and that will comfort your heart?” he looked at Veronica and shook his head at her in disappointment, “She is the little one, you all should be concerned about her, not taunting and mocking her,” he ended his speech with a loud grunt.

I loved my father!

It seems like he was the only one who truly cared about me.

“Everything aside, what are we going to do now? The Alpha King will never bring his brother out and present him before us,” Zion staggered up on his feet with father to talk about the primary subject at hand.

“Of course, Tanner will have to come out once ---Phoenix rejects him,” F*cking Hassel Baine, I was wondering how long he was planning to stay silent and there he spoke up.

“I am not going to reject him without any investigation. I don’t believe in punishing anyone without hearing their side.” I was comfortably sitting in my chair, my posture straight, my chin up but my heart aching for Savia.

I could tell from the looks that they didn’t like seeing me this calm. They were expecting me to be all shaky and crying. I was not that girl anymore.

“Listen to her, she is still defenin---,” I had managed to piss off Zion this time. He was walking my way to point at me when we heard some commotion from the foyer.

“Tell your alpha who has arrived to have a word with him,” the loud, deep, and heavy voice with an aura of darkness belonged to the alpha King Aramis.

It took me by surprise because you could have informed him that his brother is being accused of a heinous crime?

We all rushed to the foyer and there he was, standing tall in an all-black suit. His eyes landed on my father and not long after, he tilted his face to look me in the eye.

“We are glad you are her---,” my brother started talking, but his words were cut off in the mid-sentence when the Alpha King grunted and slammed the center piece down on the floor.

“How dare you all!” he shouted while giving chills down everyone’s spine. I have never seen Alpha King Aramis this angry before, but I have heard that it is best to run away and hide when he is raging like a mad wolf, which he was right now.

“You all accused my brother of a crime he never committed,” he had some envelope in his hand that he was pointing at my father and others. I was able to recognize the seal on the envelope; I don’t remember my father sending him a letter.

“Alpha King Aramis! We welcome you to our pack,” My father cleared his throat, taking a step in his direction, “We have accused no one falsely. There was an eye witness---,” before my father could finish, Alpha King interrupted him.

“What witness? Was it her?” he suddenly stretched his arm out and pointed the envelope at me, “My brother was innocent and you all ganged up on him. Your daughter made sure she strikes him the worst way possible and she did.” the way he was talking while not breaking stare from my face had filled my body with goosebumps.

I noticed the weirdness in his speech. Why was he referring to his brother in the past tense?

And what strike, what did I do?

“I beg your pardon! My daughter is innocent.” My father reacted to his accusations. I looked around and found my family acting weird. They were stealing eyes from us.

“Really? So innocent that she sent me a letter demanding justice and rejecting my brother in the same breath? Is this how your new law works, because I don’t remember allowing you to make new rules, new laws,” he had a fit of weird anger filling his eyes, but his words were what got to me.

I sent him a letter?

I rejected Tanner!


Before my father could even react to all this nonsense, my brother jumped in to have a word with the Alpha King.

“We have a witness. Your brother can’t hide from the law and justice shall---,” he was murmuring but didn’t dare finish his sentence when the Alpha king turned his attention to him.

“You cannot lay hand on my brother. You cannot find him anymore, even I can’t.” this time, there was no aggression in his tone, only a broken whimper.

I gulped at his choice of words. My body felt an icy wave freezing my feet and then he said it.

“My innocent brother ended his life after reading your Great Warrior’s rejection letter,” the announcement of the demise of Tanner got me into stepping back. The view in my sight turned blurry and I lost my balance.

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