Chap-7*He Wants Me As His Slave*

Zion had taken me back to my room while the Alpha King was yelling and shouting at my father. This had turned into a whole mess.

“I am fine now,” I held my brother’s hand, preventing him from pulling a blanket over me. I didn’t feel like lying down in the bed, I needed to be outside and hear what was going on.

The mate bond broke after the death of Tanner yet I didn’t feel the pain of it, why?

I know I have never loved Tanner and he knew that too, but I had accepted him as my mate then why didn’t I get aware of his demise?

“You should stay here, he is very angry right now,” Veronica and Iris walked into the room after us as well.

“Is nobody with dad outside?” I asked out of curiosity, if we were all here, who was with father?

His guards wouldn’t be able to help him make decisions, why were we hiding and my dad was facing all the wrath?

“I am going outside,” I jumped out of the bed while ignoring the eye roll from Iris and exited the room to meet my father in the foyer. Zion had rushed before me to the down where The Alpha King had created a whole mess out of our foyer.

“That is my decision!” whatever the Alpha King said must be terrifying enough to make everybody turn paler.

I stopped on the staircase, Iris, and Veronica behind me when I watched him raise his face and repeat his decision again.

“She belongs to my brother. She is the reason he is not with me today, so she will pay for the crime she had committed against my brother. I demand her arrival at my mansion before the very next morning or--- or I announce the war on the Dark Autumn Pack,” his face was all red from rage and anger. His voice had managed to form goosebumps all over our skins, and his decision has caused everyone to panic.

He was going to open a war on us?

“That is---,” My father was shivering but holding himself on his feet to defend his pack and his daughter.

“That is only fair! She wanted to reject him to look perfect and not have a single weakness. She made my brother think he is a criminal and a weakness for her, well, she will have to live with his name till death now,” he was talking and saying things that were followed by gasps.

“By morning!” he turned around and shouted, marching towards the exit whilst we stood frozen to our spots.

After he was gone, we have gathered around in the living room once again to discuss the matters.

“Who sent that letter? Do you not know it is a crime to fake a letter on behalf of the Warrior Gamma of the pack?” I was shouting at each one of them but they remained sitting calmly on their chairs.

“I am utterly disappointed in you all. Who gave you a right to forge her signature and use the royal seal on a letter that was not even written by her?” My father added as he demanded them to speak up.

None of them came forward, and none of them denied participating in this act of treachery against me.

“Now look what happened!” I was walking in the middle of them, slapping my forehead and getting all worked up.

“The Alpha King Aramis is very powerful,” Hassel stated sneakily,

“We will never be able to win this war,” Veronica too pitched in, siding with her mate.

“What are we going to do now?” Iris added after she realized she also needs to have a say in all this mess.

“I guess we prepare our army,” My father let out a grunt, he looked exhausted and I don’t blame him. He and I were not at fault as we didn’t start any of this. This is why I kept telling them that we should first hear all the sides.

What if Tanner was truly innocent? He died thinking I rejected him without letting him speak his side. My own family messed me up.

“Army? He will kill them all. Our pack and each member of it will face his wrath and we all know what it means, it means eternal agony and slavery,” Zion got up on his feet, facing father and having an argument with him.

“So what are you suggesting big brother? we cannot look away from this war. We didn’t start it, it is his decision,” I didn’t get what he was trying to prove here. The Alpha King Aramis was going to attack us regardless of us preparing an army or not.

“I mean, he gave us another option,” Iris leaped onto her feet and marched behind her mate, sneakily having a word from behind his back.

That option she spoke about left me speechless, how could she even suggest something so evil and horrendous?

“What? what do you mean by that? You want me to send my daughter as a slave to him? do you know what kind of torture she will go through there after being known as someone who became the reason behind the demise of his only family?” thankfully, my father didn’t see the logic in her statement.

“If we don’t send her, we will still face the same wrath but the only difference here will be that every single one of us will be his slave,” Zion backing her up led me to heave a gasp of shock, “Listen to me first. If this war happens, we all know he will win. We will be killed and all our women will go to his slavery, which one do you think is beneficial for us?” he managed to add more into his bullhi* in an attempt to make sense out of his plan.

“None! Nothing is beneficial here for us. What makes you think he will not demand more and more once he gets me? his anger and rage after losing his brother will know no limit until he destroys our whole pack,” I argued with him because they were suggesting to send me to him just to save their as*es when they were the ones who messed up when they forged a letter on my behalf.

I couldn’t believe my own elder brother, who was supposed to shield me, was suggesting that I should be sent away to The Alpha King, who is preparing the worst for my arrival.

“We don’t have much time, we should cast a vote and let everybody decide what we should do,” Zion had to steal eyes from me when turning around to look at the others behind him.

I was standing there in shock, watching my family agree with Zion.

“I don’t think I should suffer for the death of his brother. He only wants what belonged to his brother,” Iris was the first one to state her vote loudly.

“I am sorry but I don’t think I am in a condition to go through all this too,” Veronica rubbed her belly gently, making me realize they have even hidden another piece of news from me.

“I am with Veronica!” Obviously, Hassel was in favor of me being sent away. He wouldn’t want me here after I have told him that I will expose him to the pack for his disturbing crimes.

“Sent her to the pack since she was the one who had opened doors for that ras*al to our pack,” It was Markus, he had now come out of his room to deem me guilty of everything wrong happening around them.

“Father! Please make the right decision and think about the safety of your pack,” Zion made sure he uses the pack as his ending statement and then stepped back to let father decide my fate.

I was amazed by the people around me, they were my so-called family, and just like years ago, they were going to shove me in the hands of the devil to save their sorry as*es.

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You needs enemies when you have family like these.........
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None of the characters’ behaviors make sense. So many plot holes the storyline does not meld well. Overall sounds like a good plot and the structure of the story has the making of a good read. I can’t continue this too complicated to make sense and I love puzzling things out, but….
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owen sampul
not so interest

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