Chap-8*Let's Sacrifice Me*

I had my eyes on my father, waiting for him to make a decision. As for me, I wasn't ready to sacrifice myself because they have made a mistake so I shouldn’t be the one to pay the price.

I understand that my pack was in danger but giving up myself wasn't the right thing to do either.

However, my siblings felt otherwise and it hurt me the most.

"I'm ashamed of you all!" my father finally stated loudly enough for them to know he wasn't pleased with them, "It's a shame that you are suggesting we send our virgin daughter, sister, the daughter of the pack to this man's mansion, who will be preparing the worst tortures for my daughter once he gets his hands on her. So, my decision is that we fight for the safety of our daughters," My father announced determinedly but he didn't receive the cheer he was probably expecting.

"Everybody prepare for the worst, then," Zion announced with a lack of energy, hands tied behind his back, and followed his mate to the room. 

After the living room was left vacant, I thanked my father and then decided to gather around my people, and my warriors, and get started on the preparations. 

"We have to secure our borders. Once they are past them, it will be hard for us to keep them out and away from the mansion," I stood before the local gammas and the omegas. 

Every pack had a rule, every time a Gamma or a beta was born, they were trained and then put in a battle to select one Royal beta and Royal Gamma among them. 

This is how it was, every pack had more than one beta but only one Royal Beta and Royal Gamma. 

I was a Royal Warrior Gamma, my rank was higher than the Royal Gammas of the other packs as well, even bigger than the Royal Gamma of the Alpha King's Pack.

My brothers joined me while I was demonstrating my plan to the fighters. We have set our cellphones on silent and out of range just in case The Alpha King was able to track our activity. The lights had been put out by my command so that it remains dark and is harder for The Alpha King’s army to find a way. Once they have reached our pack house and are able to take over the command center from where we send out orders, it is all over for us.

“The patrol cars will be on covering grounds the entire night. The camouflage team will be covering the woods, that’s where we are focusing the most. As soon as one of them is spotted, we blow the whistle and inform the entire pack. And then it is just a war with no exception.” I gave my ending statement and stepped back to let the warriors spread around and be on their duties.

“The woods? That is stupid,” Markus groaned, he hadn’t spoken to me after the entire mess occurred. 

“The woods have a broad opening for anyone to enter. Where do you think all the illegal things come from? I remember telling you about it but no proper action was taken and now we have to bear the consequences,” I sighed, watching my brothers roll their eyes at me.

“You are a girl taking matters into your hands. We men have been doing this for ages, we know how to deal with this. It is not your dollhouse’s tea party, we don’t know anything about war and how to deal with it,” Markus stated grumpily as he avoided looking at my face. I remember how upset he was when it was announced that I will be joining the academy and competing for the Royal Warrior title. 

He protested a lot, not because he would miss his baby sister but because he thought it would get to my head and then I will lead the army instead of him.

“That’s why one of you wrote that letter and caused us this whole mess. The good thing about being a girl is that I don’t use my aggression and ego only, I use my brain, knowledge, and learning,” I bet they hated every time I spoke back to them.

They didn’t like losing control over a girl, who they think should sit back and listen to them. 

“You don’t need to remind us of the letter. If you have made that decision yourself, we would be looking at you differently,” Zion refused to admit that they did something wrong, instead, they were upset with me that I didn’t suggest the rejection letter myself.

“And now everybody is looking at us differently,” I bobbed my head and scoffed a little chuckle of sarcasm in disbelief.

There was no point in standing there and arguing with them. 

I have informed my warriors of what to do so my mission here was done. I came back inside the pack house mansion where everybody was dining in candle lights and worried about tomorrow. 

“Phoenix! Come eat with us,” my father tapped his fingers on the empty chair beside him. Even when I was away, my father had kept that chair empty. 

I had a strong bond with my father yet I couldn’t share the horrific things I went through in this mansion under his nose with him. I have returned to the pack with the only purpose in my mind that I will punish the ones that had done wrong but instead got into this mess. 

“It is fine, dad. I will just take one round of the woods just to make sur---,” I was talking nonchalantly when my father shook his head at me.

“You have done enough. The woods are secured and you need energy and strength for tomorrow,” he wasn’t wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything when I am worried sick about my pack’s safety. Everybody else was enjoying the meal as if they have no care in the world about the war happening.

“There was an easy way out but you chose all this. Skipping a meal won’t show your love and compassion for the pack’s safety.” Veronica commented with a hard eye-roll. This was my biological sister taunting me nonstop. 

I know she had always hated me for being dad’s favorite and in his defense, I was left motherless when I was just a toddler. He kept me under his wing and decided to give me all the love that I deserve, he just lacked a little in the safety department because he had too much trust in the people I was living with.

“Whatever happens tomorrow is your doing, don’t forget that,” Markus grunted and pushed the plate away after he was done eating.

They were all mad at me that I didn’t surrender, I would never. I didn’t come this far to surrender before some arrogant man who wants to blame someone else at any cost.

I know losing a brother will be very hard for him and since I never had that kind of feeling and attachment with my siblings, I will understand. It was still unacceptable of him for demanding a virgin young girl to be sent as a slave to his pack. 

What I didn’t tell anyone was that I was also his mate, what if he changes his mind once I am in his pack?

Just the thought of him doing anything inappropriate to me brought me shivers. He was a huge dude, muscular and a tough guy, I don’t even know if I will be able to fight off such a powerful creature to save my dignity. 

I had been sitting in my room; tired and sleeping. There were countless thoughts occupying me when I dozed off in my chair. 

I wasn’t supposed to.

I woke up to some commotion outside my room. There were screams and panic engulfing the surrounding.

My heart skipped a beat when my eyes landed on the clock on the wall, how the hell did I end up sleeping, and what is going on?

If the war has already started, why wasn’t the whistle blown?

I rushed out of my room, holding the silver knife in my hands just to find out that the army of the Alpha King has entered and attacked our soldiers in the woods. 

“The woods were supposed to be secured,” I was running along with my father, my two brothers, and my brother-in-law. We all had our silver swords, bow, and arrows with us.

The only fighters who had the access to the guns with silver bullets and snipers were the ones that were keeping the pack house mansion safe.

We didn’t have as many weapons as the Silver Hunter Pack.

As soon as we reached the woods, we were welcomed by a horrifying sight. His army was overshadowing ours, they have caused many of our fighters serious injuries and even death.

I rushed ahead and swung my sword at the one in front of me with a red ribbon, he must be the in charge. He grunted when recognized me, we started walking in circles while the others fought around us. He attacked me and I dogged it, hitting him in the back of the head with the sword handle. He got his posture back pretty quickly and attacked me back. This went on for a few minutes and at this point, I was able to hear my own grunts and heartbeat. 

I have injured him enough to slow him down and then he dropped his sword to let his wolf take over. I wasn’t going to let him win, so Nix took over me before he could. 

Now that we were two werewolves fighting, it was going to end with one of us dying. He jumped from the other side whilst Nix squatted and scratched his entire frontal body while he landed on the ground. It was time that we don’t let him rest so Nix attacked him and bit his neck, making it hard for him to breathe while she pierced her hand through the back of his body and grasped his heart. The moment she pulled his heart out, his lifeless body collapsed on the ground. The others after watching it started to run back and away, my fighters chased them but it was safe to say,

“We did it,” I was back taking control over my body. I cheered in shock, I knew I could do it but I didn’t know it will be this easy.

It wasn’t much but our first victory against the Silver Hunter pack. I turned around after I realized my siblings also cleared the area. I began to hear the wailing brides crying left and right for the demises of all the soldiers. 

“Dad! I did---,” I watched my dad happily, my smile began to fade away once I found my father slowly dropping to his knees with a silver dagger stabbed across his chest.

“FATHER!” my screams must have shaken up the entire world but it wasn’t enough to shake my father awake again. 

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