Chap-9*Come Take Me Away*

I have watched my father’s dead body being taken away by the wailing brides. Many pack members mourned that day, but it was marked as the darkest day for me.

The only one who had always defended me and shielded me from greedy eyes was now gone. I was left in the hands of these brutal people, who hadn’t stopped accusing me of my father’s death this whole time. I didn’t get any consolation from anyone, they all avoided me like I was a disease.

I have returned to the pack house mansion just a minute ago when I heard someone calling for me.

“What happened today was terrible,” Zion was standing in the middle of his people and in front of the empty chair that belonged to my father once.

The big tears in my eyes wet my eyelashes, I blinked them away and refused to sit down.

“My father was a great warrior; he was a great Alpha of the pack. He had maintained alliances with the other packs and always kept us safe but his one mistake cost him his life.” As he finished, everybody turned their heads in my direction.

“We were all against her participation in the academy because we knew she will come back demanding charge of the warriors and look what she did,” my brother’s tone harshened when speaking about me.

“I am not the one behind this mess. I have ordered the fighters to secure the woods, who decided to scatter them around? You and Markus. I just stumbled upon the truth behind the insecure woods and was informed that you two were the ones who changed duties.” I didn’t hold back and raised my voice at them. They were the reason we lost many warriors along with the Alpha of the pack, my father.

“Hush! It would have all been avoided if you had agreed to the Alpha King’s condition,” Zion raised his hand in the air as she egotistically looked to the other side, showing me his palm to shut up.

“What condition?” a senior old Royal beta asked, the others too looked intrigued now that they heard my brother say there might be an option to avoid all this.

“He want---ed Phoenix to surrender to him and stay in his pack as his slave,” My brother’s voice didn’t contain the same aggressiveness as before. He wasn’t sure how they would look at him for suggesting his sister to be sent away for slavery.

“As a Royal warrior, it is her duty to keep the pack safe by all means. If only she had accepted the offer, her own father wouldn’t have died,” The old beta scoffed and rolled his eyes as he came out in support of Zion.

My sibling’s faces lit up, they were given a free pass to shove me in the fire to save their own skins.

“This is ridiculous! I will not surrender before anyone. Especially, to the Alpha King, whose pack warrior killed my father,” I declared, breaking their hopes once again.

“Your brother is the new Alpha, he will be the one to decide what should be done,” Iris had a new shine in her eyes, she was now the Pack’s Luna. Her insecurities about being an Omega were going to be subsided by the diamond crown she was going to wear soon.

I stared at Zion’s face with hope in my eyes, there is no way he will not let me have a say in this matter. After all, it was a matter of my life.

“The reason I have asked for everyone’s presence here is that I have made a decision,” Zion tied his hands behind his back when announcing his decision, “After Phoenix made a mistake and was unable to secure the woods, I have decided to punish her as well as for the sake of the pack she will send away to the Alpha King and this war will come to an end,” the declaration was met with sighs of relief and smiles.

Everybody started applauding while I stood in my spot without causing any movement to my muscles.

“I will see who can send me to that animal’s pack,” I burst their bubble with a commanding loud voice and then turned around to sprint upstairs to my room. The instant I landed in my room, I locked the door and pulled a chair facing the entrance.

‘I will sit here and watch anyone who dares come here to collect me,’ I told Nix, who was as shocked and hurt as I was.

‘Father had left us and now everybody has turned against us,’ she wasn’t wrong. Dad had been the only one shielding us for years and now that it was time I shield myself, my own siblings, and pack was after me to steal my shield away from me.

‘They have always been against us, Nix. They just couldn’t say it out loud out of the fear of father,’ big tears ran down my eyes as I remembered my father.

I stayed there for hours, one by one, my siblings came knocking on the door. There were also these small earthquakes we felt after every few hours but then the wailing brides never appeared so I wasn’t sure what was causing those earthquakes.

My entire world has turned upside down, first I lost my mate, and now my father. The anger my siblings were feeling wasn’t helping my case either.

After hours of them trying to convince me to come out, Zion, the new almighty Alpha came to have a word with me.

“Phoenix! Open the door. You cannot stay locked inside like a child,” he said loudly enough to be heard from the other side of the door.

“Like a child, you said?” I spoke up after I was tired of keeping these emotions inside me, “did you ever see me as a child? As your baby sister? Why is it that I had to rely on myself all these years? I kept asking convincing myself that my siblings loved me and that they were kids too. But I was wrong! You are not a kid anymore. You want me to be sent away to the monster’s pack when you know what he does to those he collects after the war. I lost my father, Zion! Tell me who among you came to hug me? who sympathized with me? am I not your blood? Am I not your sister? We were supposed to stand together and fight against the unlawful monster but you all just want me g---one,” I hated to have my voice shaking at the end of the sentence. I didn’t want to cry in front of them or anyone.

I am a warrior!

The best among them all and they knew they cannot drag me out of here by force.

“I didn’t know you had so much pain in your heart,” Zion’s voice finally displayed some emotions.

“You know I can open the door right now and yet nobody will be able to budge me, right?” I got out of the chair and stated, walking towards the door.

“Oh, Phoenix! Open the door,” he said almost in a whisper.

I think he was right; I would love to see who had come to take me to The Silver Hunter Pack. I grabbed my strength, straightened my posture, and when opened the door, I was surprised at the sight. I was shocked to see who had come to collect me.

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