Chap-14*The One Who Slut Shames*

I lay there waiting for his hand to land on me. When it didn’t end up happening, I opened my eyes and looked around to see Aramis holding the Blue Viper’s hand in the cage.

The Viper grunted, raising his other hand to probably hit Aramis. When he looked into the eyes of Aramis, he stepped back out of fear. If Aramis was able to scare away such a villainous creature then it was clear that he was as powerful as the stories being told about his heroic actions.

He then proceeded to bend over me and lift me up in his arms. His muscles were strong and big, his skin was warm and comforting.

Although I no longer had my wolf, I was weirdly feeling him too much. He walked me out of there and sat me up in his car. He didn’t care what they say behind his back for interrupting a cage fight. He was the Alpha King; he was not going to answer anyone.

“Back to the mansion,” he ordered the driver, who nodded his head and hit the road. I was barely sitting in the seat, feeling this excruciating pain thr
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