Chap-18*No Regrets*

We reached the Dark Autumn Pack after Jocelina prepared the gifts for the new Alpha Zion.

I know they weren't visiting the pack to congratulate him out of happiness. Alpha King had made his intentions clear to me before about his animosity for the pack and I know it was just his subtle way of making his way inside our mansion.

I had worn a black long dress and had a black pillbox hat with a net veil as demanded by Alpha King Aramis.

Jocelina was wearing a blue gown and Morgana had a red dress on.

Alpha King Aramis was in a Charcoal Grey suit. We rode in the Lamborghini together and it was the most awkward car ride I have ever been in.

Now that I have arrived at the mansion again, the memories from before started to haunt me.

They have set the garden as a venue for the coronation and after party.

My family didn't come to greet me and neither did I approach any one of them.

They saw me getting out of the car but remained on their spots and greeted the others with bouquets and gifts inst
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