Chap-135*The Lost Mother*

Author’s POV:

Layla had been at the door, waiting for Silver to arrive back. She woke up early morning thinking Silver must be called over to pick up Aramis. When 1 pm struck, Layla’s anxiety hit the roof.

“I cannot believe he would call her and not me. It is not like she is special. How can a mere friendship weigh in on a mate bond?” she was yammering while rubbing her palms together.

It didn’t sit well with her. She was his mate. That was her duty.

“Never mind, it will be my duty from now on.” She straightened her posture when Silver’s car parked before her. Coming out of the car was a defeated Silver. The bags under her eyes suggested she had been crying the whole night and morning.

“Where is he?” not giving Silver a chance to speak up, Layla interrogated her. Zion had come out in his wheelchair to check up on Silver. She called him late morning to talk to him. She needed someone to tell her it will be fine.

He stayed on the call with her while she sobbed and drove back to the pack
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Jane Walker
Delusional much?? Layla is evil & completely delusional, I admit they’ve all F’d up in some way allowing Layla to have the little power trip she’s on & I can’t wait for her to come crashing back to reality! Hope Aramis is back soon with Phoenix (still queen!) & she deals with Layla! Karma’s coming!
goodnovel comment avatar
Theresa Wood
silver and Zion should kill Layla to get Aramis and Phoenix out

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