Chap-136*The Bad Stepmother*

Author’s POV:

“Daddy is not coming home now,” Evelyn had been crying in her room, but nobody could come to calm her down. The reason behind this was simple: Layla had locked the room from outside for Zion and Silver to attend to the kids.

“He will come home.” Roman sat down with her and gently elbowed her. “Our daddy is powerful,” Roman added. “he can fight anyone he wants and can be home as a winner.”

“But Mom said aunt Silver has---,” before Evelyn could say anything else, Roman corrected her.

“Don’t listen to what Layla says and don’t call her mommy. She is not a gracious lady. See how she was yelling at Aunt Silver when she was crying? Who even does that?” Roman frowned, shaking his head angrily.

“She yelled at them because they hurt daddy,” Evelyn sniffled, waiting for her brother to say something.

“I don’t believe that. She just wants us to hate Uncle Zion and Aunt Silver,” Roman responded stubbornly, “Even daddy said not to call her your mommy,”

“Our real mom said to love
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Jane Walker
Argh!... That evil b*tch!! I can’t wait for Aramis to come home hopefully with Phoenix & find out what Layla’s done including stealing & taking the potion that was to save Phoenix! I must admit I found Evelyn’s manipulation from Layla was annoying & calling her mum... Please bring Phoenix back! Awesom

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