Chap-137*The Reunion*

Aramis’ POV:

My heart forgot to beat when the sight of Phoenix shook my world. She was alive and breathing. I don’t know if she was one of them and it was just her soul wandering around, but seeing her again had fluttered something inside my heart again.

I was stuck to my place, tears leaving my eyes and the pain of losing her freshening up in my memory. This lady in front of me does not know how much her departure saddened me.

‘Ah!’ Hawker let out a sigh of relief, ‘I am fe---eling the mate bond,’ I heard his whimpers.

I saw Phoenix kicking their asses, and a smile covered my lips. I remember her last days in our world were full of misery. Even moving a muscle used to be such a chore for her.

And here she was, on her feet like a fucking warrior he used to be.

“Is that all you got?” she let out a chuckle, watching the wailing guards plead before her to leave them alone.

“You need to go back to your cage and perform your duties. You can wander around after that. Why do you have to ruin
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Jane Walker
Don’t be a wuss NOW Aramis! Go & claim your Phoenix, watch her rise out of the ashes like a true Phoenix! I hope her memories come back! I think it’s going to be VERY INTERESTING when they get home & Phoenix finds out Layla’s pregnant! Phoenix DID push for them to move on together though.......‍♀️

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