Chap-138*When Two Crazy Meet*

Author's POV:

“I need to go inside and speak to the kids.” Silver was talking to the guards as she stood in front of their door and expected them to open the door.

“I’m sorry! You need to speak to the Luna Queen for this,” the guard responded.

“What? I need to take her permission to see the kids. Why is the fucking door even locked?” Silver tried to argue with the guards, but it wasn’t their fault. They were only following her orders.

“We are sorry! We cannot do anything,” the guards answered. Silver scoffed as she walked out of there. And power walked back to Layla’s room and has a word with her.

“Why are the kids locked in their rooms?” Silver barged into Layla’s room. She tried opening the door to the kid’s room but not only had Layla locked the door, but also told the guards to not let anyone get closer to the door. The reason given them was also bizarre. She said she was afraid the wailing brides will come and take the babies with them.

“First of all, knock first next time,” Layl
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Autumn Hutson
Dear author I hope your doing well. Please update soon.
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vimla chaitram
I hope all is well with Alexis Dee. Please can we have updates soon
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Melissa Singleton
Come On Please, can we get an update ASAP.

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