Chap-140*Hello Again, Nix*

Phoenix’s POV:

23 October,

My heart stopped beating, and darkness covered everything. It was the moment when I knew my time had come. There was no feeling anymore. I couldn’t hear my mate sing; neither could I enjoy his heartbeat.

I left the world, my mate, and my babies. And then, suddenly, everything started to feel better. The coldness in the weather was back. I could even feel the wind brushing against my skin.

I was able to hear the world again. I was beginning to feel the air again. I jolted awake and found my body lying in a dark cave with bars to prevent any entrance or exit.

"Where am I?" I whispered, my throat dry and my lips barely moving. The fact that I remember dying and then waking up to a new environment shook the world from under my feet. The scary part was the fact that I was no longer in any sort of pain. My body was feeling energetic as if I had just been born.

"What is this place? Where are my babies?" I yelled, getting up on my feet and running a hand over my bo
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Jane Walker
I wonder if she remembered pushing that b*tch Layla onto Aramis? WORSE MISTAKE EVER!!! I can’t wait for Phoenix to come back and seek vengeance for everything that crazy ass did to her and Aramis! I keep hoping Layla’s pregnancy is JUST a nightmare we’ll wake from!... That’s going to break hearts!
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Melissa Singleton
Awesome ... read. Keep it coming.
goodnovel comment avatar
This is a very good chapter. Thank you

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