Chapter 3

Ma Cleopatra POV

Good morning Ma Cleopatra, it's Lauren Hudson, Frederick's mother.

"Oh, Christ! Good morning Ma'am. How may I help you?"

Please cancel all of Frederick's plans for today. Ensure he doesn't leave the house. I'm counting on you…

Ma Lauren, that'll be a hard task. I'm sure your son has lots of business plans to attend to today. He is asleep right now, I suggest you start coming right away.

Okay, Cleo. His father and I are on our way. We'll be having breakfast there. Thank you.

I hope everything is okay, I say to myself and head to the kitchen to fix breakfast for Hudson's family.

Fredericks POV

A loud banging on my door woke me up from sleep. I picked up my phone and it was just 8:06 am. For crying out loud, it's a Saturday…

Ma Cleopatra, what do you want!! I begged!!!

I didn't get an answer and that was strange. Soon after, the loud bang continued. I got up lazily and staggered to the door. Guess who greeted me with a frown!!

Good morning Mom, what are you doing here?

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