My Mate is Here?

Rylen POV

     "That was fun, but I'd be lying if I said I was not looking forward to having the rest of our meals cooked for us. This pack has the best cooks! I swear they're even better than the professional cooks we have at the palace." Rosie was babbling as we headed back up to our room.

     We had just eaten at a lovely little Italian restaurant in town that had great wine and good food, but it could not touch the quality of the food we were provided whenever we visited SilverRock. It was getting late, so we decided to return back to the packhouse and turn in for the night. To be completely honest, we were both already anticipating the delicious breakfast that would be awaiting us in the morning. 

     "It's probably the mom and pop shop vibes that we get here. Their cooks use homemade recipes that have been passed down for generations, whereas our cooks have lost touch with the passion for cooking and they just make food." I commented.

     "You're probably right. I wonder if we could convince a few of their cooks to come work for the palace, or at least sell us some of their recipes." Rosie mused aloud as we stepped out of the elevator. 

     "I wish we were allowed to cook because then I just would ask them to teach me some of the recipes. But you know how our father is, insisting that we don't need to worry about such trivial matters." I shrugged. 

    As we neared our rooms, I was hit with a wall of the same enticing scent I had smelled in my room before. I inhaled deeply, trying to place what it smelled like and why it made me think of home. 

     "Um, bro, what exactly are you doing?" Rosie asked, breaking me from my spell. 

     "Do you not smell that? I assumed they sprayed whatever it was in both rooms, but maybe they just sprayed it in mine." I shrugged and inhaled again. It was her loss, more for me to smell all to myself. 

     "I hate to break it to you crazypants, but I don't smell anything. You must be imagining things." Rosie paused, her eyes widening. "Wait, what exactly does it smell like to you?"

     I wasn't sure what she was getting at, but I obliged her anyway. "I honestly don't even know how to describe it. I just know that it smells absolutely wonderful and reminds me of home. I just assumed it was some fancy air freshener that they were using to help their guests feel at home." 

     "Rylen...I think your mate might be in this pack. She must be one of the omegas that cleans the guest rooms, and that's why her scent is everywhere in your room. Hurry! Let's go to sleep, this girl will most likely be at breakfast and you can meet her then! I'm so excited-I'll finally have a sister!" Rosie started giggling like a little child before darting into her room leaving me alone with my thoughts and my mate's comforting scent pooling from my room. I walked in and sat on the bed, thinking about my mate as her scent began to overwhelm me again.

     What a strange thought, to think of my mate's comforting scent surrounding me. My mate was actually here-in SilverRock pack? Suddenly, my stomach was full of butterflies at the thought of finally meeting my mate, and my wolf was wagging his tail erratically in my head. We could not communicate through words, only feelings and physical movements, but I knew he was just as excited to meet our mate as I was. I did not care if she was an Omega, titles never mattered to me and I was sure she would make a wonderful Princess. Plus, she was from SilverRock, so maybe she knew all of the recipes and would teach me how to cook them.

     I couldn't help but smile as I thought about all of the possible scenarios that could happen with my mate when I finally met her. I wondered if she had picked up on my scent throughout the packhouse and was excited to meet me too. I could not imagine a possible situation where my mate would not want me. I am not cocky by any means, just because I am a prince does not mean I am above any other wolves or should expect my mate to automatically accept me, but I hoped she would be as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. I was more excited to meet her than I was about the food from SilverRock's cooks, and that thought alone spoke millions about my desire to meet my mate. Now that I had found her, I was not going to let her go. 

     As I drifted off to sleep, her scent was so potent it was almost as if she was physically there in my arms. I was totally and utterly content at the thought that my mate was here and I would meet her tomorrow. 

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