Chapter Eight: Most Chaotic Wedding Day

Embarrassing moments creates the best memories. Because, we're all a little weird in our own ways. Life is a little weird. And, when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into a mutually satisfying weirdness they call love.

"Every day? Damn, woman. You're going to make me bankrupt even though I'm a fucking trillionaire."

"Alright. That can be negotiated. Pay me that every month, then. Aside from my salary as your secretary."

"You do know that if we get married, you can literally own half of my fortune afterwards, right? Unless, I make you sign a prenuptial agreement."

"Then, let's sign one."

"No." Zoey was quite befuddled at that fast answer of Dionysus. Dionysus even looked like he had already closed that topic and was no longer up for discussion as he continued typing on Zoey's laptop.

"But, why?"

"Just because I don't want to. It's alright. Don't worry about that."

Zoey sighed even though it still bothers her. "For my thi
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