Chapter Thirty: What Really Matters The Most

A quote we should all know about is, 'the love of a family is life's greatest blessing'.

A tear fell from Zoey's eyes. Dionysus' words were like a sharp knife cutting through her heart, again and again. Dionysus never even wavers to look directly at Zoey's eyes just to show her that he really meant every single word he had said and that he utterly wanted Zoey to digest it all at once and never forget all of it at all.

Sebastian sighed because of the scene being played in front of him but he unequivocally knew that he doesn't have any right to intervene in that kind of situation.

"So, that's it, then?" Zoey asked with so much disbelief and pain in her voice. "That's how you decide to fucking push me away? Why? Perhaps, you realize you suddenly don't want me anymore?" Zoey's almond eyes kept tearing up, but she promised to herself that that would be the last time she would do that for Dionysus.

"Who said I want you anyways? I don't even like you in the first place."

By then, lots o
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