Chapter Thirty Seven: The Rage of the Bereaved

Only those people who are capable of loving unconditionally can also be the ones prone to suffer a great sorrow.

"Are we seriously doing this now, boss?" Sebastian asked after Dionysus ordered him to follow the taxi cab Zoey and Zamantha had ridden a while ago. Zoey still insisted on going home on their own so Dionysus had no choice but to discreetly spy on them instead.

"Shut up and just drive."

"Marco told me that they had the sniper now. And, that they are on their way to the headquarters." Sebastian informed his mafia boss. Yet, Dionysus' attention was still on the taxi cab in front of them. Sebastian sighed in frustration as he continued maneuvering the wheel. "Boss."

"Who's Marco?"

"What? Seriously? Are you kidding?"


"He is one of our men, boss. Your men."

"Ohh." Dionysus reacted like it was nothing.

"Ohh?" Sebastian mimicked with full sarcasm. "Don't you know each and one of your men? Then, how would you know if a mole had already infiltrated our organization?"

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