Chapter Forty: A Goodbye Kiss to Remember

They say goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means 'I will miss you and until we meet again'.

"I like you so much that it's so painful if I can't see you nor touch you. You heard me? It's so painful. How can you make me hurt like this? I can't even explain how you can make me feel like this." Zoey started to cry yet it wasn't so noticeable because of the raindrops cascading down her face. Her eyeglasses became so foggy that she had no choice but to remove them.

A few seconds had passed again, yet Dionysus never once responded to his wife's heartfelt confessions. Zoey was becoming more frustrated. "Dio, please. ."

When Dionysus still didn't reply back, Zoey sobbed and covered her mouth. She nodded her head repeatedly afterwards before staring back at Dionysus again. "I get it. I'm not someone you will really like, right?" The pain in Zoey's voice was very evident and clear. "You realized that I'm not really deserving of you? Because I'm not pretty like those girls who
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