Chapter Fifty Four: A Mafia Lord's Way of Courting II

Courting a girl 101 guide number three: Show her your sincerity.

"Go inside, Zoey Veera." Mrs. Zenaida Lavigne instructed in a firm voice. Zoey hesitated and looked at Dionysus.

"Mom. I think Dio is just joking. Just let me talk to him for a sec and. ."

"I said, go inside, sweetheart. It's already ten in the evening." Zoey sighed and even if she wanted to protest and all, she also doesn't want to upset her mother. She loves her mother so much.

Once Zoey had stepped inside their house, Mrs. Zenaida Lavigne slammed their front doors shut, right in front of Dionysus' face. Sebastian, Marco and some of Dionysus' men, who were watching the scene from afar, while standing near the cars, frowned and creased their foreheads.

"Uh-oh. Our boss got rejected." Sebastian whistled playfully.

"Who in their right mind would refuse lord Dio like that?" Marco asked out of nowhere.

"Well. For one, Dio really fucked up." Sebastian answered Marco.

Dionysus walked back towards where he had left Seba
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