Chapter Fifty Five: Most Awaited Confession

Courting a girl 101 guide number four: Be honest.

Zoey wanted to enjoy the view in front of her more. But, when she remembered and suddenly felt how cold it was out there, she trudged towards Dionysus, completely forgetting that she was almost undraped as well in her lacey nightgown and looking so ready to give her husband an earful. "What are you doing, Dio? It's so cold. And, you're only wearing a thin piece of clothing."

Dionysus straightened his back and squinted his ocean blue eyes as soon as it landed on his wife. "Good morning, Zoey."

Zoey blinked. It was just a mere greeting. A mere greeting but her freaking heart started booming loudly against her chest, she felt like it would jump out from her rib cage. It was painful, but deliciously painful. Zoey coughed. "Good morning."

Right after that, Dionysus dropped his eyes on the piles of wood in front of him again. "I saw your mom struggling a while ago from chopping these woods. So, I offered to help." Dionysus answered the qu
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