Chapter Fifty Six: A Mafia Lord's Way of Courting III

Courting a girl 101 guide number five: Impress her.

"I had confessed, Seb." Dionysus uttered while tying the shoelaces on his sneakers. He was seated on the bed and Sebastian was in front of him, sipping his newly brewed coffee.

Sebastian almost choked on his coffee after hearing that. "What?"

"I told her that I like her so much." Sebastian seemed like he just saw a miracle descend from the heavens above, right in front of him.

"Really?" Sebastian placed his coffee on the table, stood up, turned his chair around before sitting again just to have a comfortable position interrogating his boss. They were inside Riley's room and that was where they had both spent the night, last night. Dionysus' other men slept on the couch outside, in the living area, including Riley. "So, how was it? Are you two back together now?"


"What? Why not?"

Dionysus pulled a new, clean, white shirt from his duffel bag and wore it over his head. "I didn't ask."

"Then, how about Zoey?"

"She didn't as
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