Chapter Fifty Nine: Unparalleled Suffering

Courting a girl 101 guide number eight: Be naked about everything.

"I'm glad that you had asked for my permission to kiss me, unlike before. But," Zoey smiled teasingly, tapping her husband's nose afterwards. "I'm not like those girls who wanted to bed you so badly. If you want me. ." Zoey moved her face to whisper beside Dionysus' ears in her most seductive tone. "You have to earn me." Afterwards, Zoey moved away and caressed her husband's soft, curly hair. "Understand, honey bun?"

Dionysus tried suppressing his laughter, but he failed miserably in the end. "Damn it. You're so cunning."

"Am I?"

Dionysus shook his head, amusement was clearly written all over his handsome face. "And, playing innocent, I might add."

"Well. You have to work so hard now before you can kiss me again." Dionysus bit his lower lip, feeling fluttering sensations rippling inside his stomach.

"Alright. You're the boss." The two of them smiled at each other again, looking like they cannot wish anything anym
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