Chapter Sixty: A Lullaby for the Mafia Boss

Courting a girl 101 guide number nine: Make her comfort you.

"Contact the subcontractors for more updates. That's all for today. Meeting adjourned." Dionysus uttered and everyone around him stood up and quietly exited the conference room. "Fuck. I'm so tired." Dionysus loosened up his tie and laid his back comfortably on his swivel chair when it was only him and Sebastian who was left inside the room.

"Mr. Chairman?" The conference room's door slightly opened and Dionysus saw one of their executives calling for him.

"What is it?"

"I just have some papers for you to sign, sir. It is about the art museum we are about to open next month. The paintings have arrived and we need your signature to inspect the quality of the artworks." The executive explained and Dionysus cursed under his breath.

"Damn it. Why are there so many documents to sign today?" Dionysus complained while massaging his temples.

Sebastian cleared his throat while typing on his laptop and finishing some of his secreta
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