Chapter Sixty Three: Chaotic Camping Trip III

Courting a girl 101 guide number twelve: Surprise her.

From: Pretty Zara

Yeah. I came to visit but my handler unexpectedly called me for an emergency. So, I didn't get to say hi. Just tell mom I missed her, too. And, don't worry about me. I'm good here.

Zoey sighed after reading the new message from her older sister. Zoey typed a reply.

To: Pretty Zara

When are you going to come home, then? It's your birthday four days from now.

"Who are you texting?" Dionysus asked his wife after noticing that she was too focused on her phone even after singing a song for Zoey minutes ago.

"Zara. She already replied to me." Zoey didn't notice that after she uttered that, her husband's face instantaneously became stoic and emotionless. Another text message chimed on Zoey's phone.

From: Pretty Zara

I don't know. I'll text you. But, just in case. Don't cook anything for me. I might not come home. I'm fine with just a simple greeting.

Zoey's shoulders sagged. But, when she saw how alive the atmosphe
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