Chapter Seventy Eight: The Climactic Accident

They say that everything happens for a reason. Because without these small tests, we won't be much stronger than ever before.

Something was wrong that bright morning, Zoey thought. She was back in Illinois after spending the whole day with Dionysus yesterday. They had so much fun exploring islands after islands that were surprisingly owned by her husband himself. Before the night came, her mother called and told her to come home already.

And, now that she was back, she was slightly expecting some kind of surprise from her little sister, Zamantha, and from her mother, who always does that for that particular day of the year, her birthday. "Hera?" Even her little puppy wasn't sleeping beside her on the bed.

Zoey looked around and thought that Zamantha might have come inside her room while she was sleeping to get Hera and make her baby girl play with Azlan. With that thought, Zoey jumped down from the bed and decided to get ready for the day. "Who knows? Mom and Zam must be waiting for
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