Chapter Eighty One: Becoming the Boss' Secretary Again

And, at the end, she still found her way back to him.

"Breaking news: Cronus Chevalier and Gaia Chevalier were found kneeling in front of the New York Police Department early this morning. The Chevalier couple whose chain of businesses went bankrupt more than a year ago confessed to a horrendous crime involving the murder of one of the richest tycoon in New York, Hermes Chevalier. Cronus and Gaia Chevalier told the police that it was them who ordered someone to kill the old Chevalier and frame their own son for their own crimes. Several evidences about their confession to the murder were also sent to all the computers of every police of the N.Y.P.D. When asked about who was the assassin they had ordered to kill Hermes Chevalier, the couple only said that they had already killed him."

Dionysus was watching the news in the comfort of his own bed, still wanting to sleep some more but the news had him all awakened. Sebastian and his men had already done their job.

Flashback, more than t
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