Chapter 44

God! Help him bathe? She had never thought of this!

Thinking about it, in the past 24 years, she had never even kissed a man. Now, she had actually let a man like him take a bath!

Oh my god! Send a bolt of lightning to kill her!

Looking at the expression on her face, Christopher did not insist. “Then forget it!”

Angela face turned red. She took his socks into the bathroom and put them on the faucet to wash as she thought about what had just happened.

Previously, she only wanted to marry him to take care of him, but she never thought that there would be such details.

She could help him take off his shoes and socks. As his clothes…

And his clothes?

When she thought of this, Angela’s eyes widened and she looked up in disbelief at herself in the mirror!

Her mind instantly went blank!

He was sitting in a wheelchair and his legs could not exert any strength. Even if he could take off his shirt, what about his pants?

Even if she didn’t help him take a shower, she couldn’t possibly
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