Chapter 54

As soon as she said that, everybody burst into laughter.

Angela looked at everyone’s happy faces and then looked at Christopher, feeling a little uncertain in her heart.

Christopher smiled. “Silly, you were fooled. They lied to you.”

Easton looked at Angela and shouted with smile, “Sister-in-law, let me tell you the truth. Our Regimental Commander really doesn’t have any nicknames. But since you have one, our Regimental Commander will be called Yama King from now on.”

When Angela heard his words, her face turned red. Seeing that Christopher wasn’t angry, she also laughed.

Dinner was ready very quickly. Not long after the military wives gathered together, a table full of sumptuous food was placed on the table. Everyone then sat down.

Paul then took out the wedding wine that Christopher had brought here secretly. Regardless of gender, he poured everyone a cup of wine.

Easton stood up with a glass of wine and looked at Christopher and Angela. “Regimental Commander, Sister-in-law,
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