Chapter 63

When Angela heard his words, she felt an indescribable pain and dilemma in her heart.

But no matter what, an agreement was an agreement. She admitted that she only sympathized with him. If the agreement expired, she would definitely leave without any hesitation. She didn’t want to maintain a marriage without feelings.

She got up and went to the kitchen. Although she felt that this was somewhat cruel to him, when she thought of Philip, she still made up her mind.

From now on, even if he really lost his male physiological functions, she couldn’t let him take advantage of her.

Lunch was soon ready. Christopher didn’t bother her anymore. This lunch was quietest one since they had known each other. But the quieter it was, the more Angela felt an invisible pressure.

She kept feeling that he was angry. But in her eyes, his face was very calm.

After lunch, Christopher himself went to the living room in a wheelchair. He took the remote control and turned on the TV news. Angela silently looked
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