Chapter 85

“No!” Angela could not stand this kind of torture and suddenly stopped.

She looked at Philip apologetically, “Mr. Philip, I’m sorry. I am still worried about him. I’ll go back first. I’ll come with you another day.”

After saying that, she turned around and wanted to run back to stop a taxi.

Philip ran a few steps and grabbed her arm. He looked at her and sighed helplessly, “I wanted to bring toy out to have fun. What’s the point of me playing alone when you go back? Let’s go. I’ll bring you back.”

With that both of them got into the car and headed towards the city.

Along the way, Angela was a little worried as she tightly twisted her bag. She was afraid if she went back late, Christopher’s legs would be affected.

“Mr. Philip, do you think he will be seriously injured? That staircase is very high…” Angela looked out of the window and felt her heart tighten.

Philip could not help but sigh when he heard her words. He sighed, ‘Don’t worry. He will be fine.”

In his heart, he could not help
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