Chapter 95

“Get out! Get out of here right now!” Angela shouted hysterically.

Joan did not expect her to shout so loudly. He got up in panic and threw himself at her. He covered her mouth in panic. “Lower your voice! You want everyone in the house, right?”

Joan was too strong. Angela was not his match at all. After struggling for a long time, she stared at him with her eyes wide open. Her eyes were full of anger. She wished she could burn him to death.

“Angela, promise me not to shout. I will let go of you, okay?” Joan did not want everyone to know. He looked at Angela and asked.

Angela immediately nodded vigorously. Her big eyes were still glaring at him hatefully. She was about to spurt out fire.

Seeing that she had agreed, Joan let go of her. Seeing that she had been looking at him angrily, he sat back down in shame. “Angela, I’m sorry. I just missed you too much, so I couldn’t control myself. Angela, I really like you. Can you give me another chance?”

Angela panted and glared at him. “I don’
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