Chapter 100

Mrs. Scott stood up as she spoke. She looked at Philip and said ruthlessly, "Philip, I don't have any other thoughts. I just hope that you can find a good girl to marry and have children. If you continue to be entangled with Angela, don't blame me for finding trouble with Angela!"

Mrs. Scott stood up and said as she opened the door and walked out.

Philip looked at her stubborn back and frowned slightly.

Although Mrs. Scott repeatedly reminded him, at five o'clock in the afternoon, Philip still punctually appeared at Angela's home and brought Daisy to the hospital for an intravenous drip with Angela.

The hospital was not very far away. It did not take long for them to arrive. Philip and Angela helped Daisy into the infusion hall. Philip let Angela help Daisy sit down while he went to line up with the previous medication. After about half an hour, the nurse started infusion Daisy.

Daisy looked at Philip who was beside her. "Philip, if you are busy, go back first. Angela will take good c
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