Chapter 104

Angela knew she couldn't just walk away like that. She walked to the car with her bag and looked at him. "Mr. Philip, do you need something from me?"

Ever since what happened yesterday, she knew she could not get along with him like before. Even if she really wanted to marry him, she would have to wait half a month before talking about it. She did not want her mother to be hurt because of her.

Philip heard her words and smiled. "What can I do for you at this time of day? Get in the car. I'll send you to work today!"

Angela slightly pursed her lower lip and looked at the car in front of her. She understood that there were some things she could not say here, so she went around the car and sat in the front passenger seat.

Philip looked at her and smiled. He stretched out his hand and started the car and drove towards Angela's company.

The car drove for a distance. Angela looked at Philip who was beside her and wanted to say something but stopped herself. She was afraid that if she said s
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