Chapter 106

Andrew smiled and said, "Uncle Lawrence is really lucky to have two sons."

Albert smiled brightly and looked at Andrew. He said, "No matter how lucky uncle is, he is still not as good as your father. I heard that you have three older sisters. All of them are very pretty. "

"Haha! Yes, all three sisters are very good. They just care a little about me. I can't make any small mistakes. Otherwise, I will be skinned alive. . . "

Angela heard his words and remembered the scene of Andrew's second sister chasing after him with a baseball bat. She could not help but laugh.

"Haha! Is that so? Having an elder sister to manage is also a kind of happiness." When Albert heard this young man's words, he also laughed heartily.

Joan sat beside his father and his gaze had always been on Angela opposite him. During this period of time, he had always wanted to meet her alone, but he could not find an opportunity. He did not expect to meet her in the company today. Hearing the conversation between his fat
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