Chapter 112

She didn't say no, just blinked her big eyes and looked at him. Looking at her expression, he was instantly inspired, and lowered his head to kiss her soft lips. He pecked her bit by bit and slowly sucked her lips.

Angela felt that she must have gone crazy. Otherwise, why would he kiss her so intimately? But she did not do anything. When the tip of his tongue reached in, she felt that her mind was in chaos. She felt that she was in a trance. They were going to go through the divorce procedures tomorrow. But why was she so greedy for his kiss today?

Her obedience stimulated the desire in his body completely, and his kiss started to become fanatical from the initial tenderness. . .

Her heart was itchy from his kiss. It was as if a crack had quietly opened up in her heart. A strange warm current flowed in through the crack.

This feeling was very wonderful. . .

She didn't know if it was because of his passion, but somehow. . . Her hand lightly wrapped around his neck, mimicking his action
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Ramona Spice
Thank you for updating as frequent as you can I appreciate that. Have a lovely day.

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