Chapter 113

Joan immediately went up to support his mother and helped her sit down in a waiting chair. "Mom, don't worry. Dad is in the operating theater. The doctor just said that Dad's condition is not the worst, so don't be too anxious.”

Joan saw his mother's expression and quickly sat beside her to comfort her.

"Christopher, will your dad be alright?" Although Florence did not like Christopher, she knew that he was a person who spoke and did things steadily. She still wanted to hear it from him again.

"Aunt Florence, don't worry. The doctor just said that my father's condition is not the most serious. There should be no problem. Don't worry too much." Seeing Florence's nervous look, Christopher said slowly.

"Um. . ." Florence nodded. However, even though they said it, when she thought about what she would do in the future if something happened to her husband, she could not help but sob.

Time slowly passed.

This night was an unbearable night for the people of Lawrence Family.

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