Chapter 114

"How's Dad?" Angela could not help but look in the direction of the ward as she asked. She was worried about Albert's health.

"The anesthetics have not been completely removed. The doctor said that Dad will not wake up until noon."

"Then can I go in and take a look?" Angela's heart still could not calm down until she saw Albert's appearance.

"Yes, let's go and take a look." Christopher nodded. He carried the Insulating Tube and brought his wife to the ward. He gently pushed open the door of the ward, he then brought her into the ward.

Angela followed Christopher into the ward. She saw Albert lying quietly on the sickbed. His body was covered with all kinds of instruments. When she thought of the person who had acted so decisively in the past laying on the bed like this, she felt helpless.

Angela immediately walked over with heartache and sat down beside Albert. When she saw that the old man was still unconscious, Angela's eyes instantly became moist.

Looking at father-in-law in
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