Chapter 115

Christopher held her down and said, "Sit tight here. I will feed you today."

Under Regimental Commander Lawrence's insistence, this breakfast, he insisted on feeding his wife. At first, Angela was still a little uncomfortable, but later, she slowly let go. The two of them chatted as they ate. In a while, they finished breakfast.

After Christopher packed his things, Angela looked at him and said, "I'll look after this place. Go back and sleep first! Your legs have just recovered."

His legs had just recovered not too long ago. She was worried that his legs would not be able to withstand the long period of tiredness.

"My leg is fine now. Don't worry. I didn't do any heavy work, I'll be fine! "

"But. . . You should rest the most now. I will be fine here." Angela still insisted on him going back.

"Your husband is not that weak. Don't worry!" Christopher smiled and patted her hand.

When Florence went downstairs in the morning, she heard from Uncle Garcia that Angela had finished c
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Ramona Spice
Really love the rate of the story progression and still in love with the story. Thank you for feeding my obsession everyday.

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