Chapter 116

Old Master Lawrence nodded. "Oh, then let's wait outside for a while."

Angela immediately helped the old man sit down. "Grandpa, take a seat first!"

Old Master Lawrence smiled and sat on the chair.

Joan and Cristal stood next to him. Joan's eyes seemed to sweep past Angela and then Christopher. In terms of relationship, he was a person who had experienced it before. Therefore, he caught the tacit understanding and ambiguous feeling between the two of them at first glance.

In his heart, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Since yesterday, when he saw Christopher's legs recover and stand up, he was a little worried. Christopher was originally a very attractive person. In the past, sitting in a wheelchair was one thing, but now that he stood up. A girl like Angela was very likely to be attracted to him. Now, it seemed that it was close to the truth.

The few of them waited outside the door for about ten minutes before they heard the door to the room open. Florence immediately walked for
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