Chapter 158

Since Christopher was returning to the army this afternoon, after he had lunch at noon, Christopher asked Angela to drive back to her mother's house. This time he did not sit next to his wife, but drove his off-road vehicle behind Angela's car. He watched her drive into the neighborhood and finally let out a sigh of relief.

After saying goodbye to his wife, Christopher did not drive away. He drove out of Angela's neighborhood and took out his phone to call Joan. After learning that he was in Lawrence Group, he quickly hung up and drove to the company.

The reason he came to find Joan was because when he came back last night, the scene at the door instantly hurt his heart. When he thought about how his wife slept alone in the bedroom at night, and how she still had to worry about whether someone would barge in at any time, that kind of feeling made him feel indescribably uncomfortable.

His heart felt like it was being pressed down by a huge rock. He held it in so much that he could n
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