Chapter 161

"What's wrong?" Daisy saw that her daughter's expression was not right.

"Urgh!" Angela only felt a wave of nausea in her stomach. She covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom!

"Angela!" Daisy worriedly chased after her.

Angela laid on the basin and vomited for a long time. That disgusting feeling seemed to have not dispersed. She held the cup to rinse her mouth and felt much better. Only then did she straighten her waist and look apologetically at her mother. "Mom, my stomach might not be good these two days. It's fine now, let's go eat."

With that, she pushed her mother out of the bathroom. The mother and daughter sat back down at the dining table.

"Are you really alright?" Daisy looked at her worriedly.

"Mom, I'm really fine. Don't worry." Angela smiled. She picked up her chopsticks and put some vegetables into her mouth. She instantly felt much better.

"Christopher's family eats different dishes every day. Why do you still have a bad appetite? Did you work overtime too
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