Chapter 164

Christopher looked at her face, which had been squeezed into a bun, and said with a frown. "You can't even take such a small injury. Are you a soldier?"

Rosalie heard his ruthless words, and tears of grievance instantly fell from her eyes. She could not help but cry out, "I am a soldier, but I am also a woman. . . "

In the past, Rosalie had always been a little aloof in front of him. Today, she did not know what was going on, but she, who had never shed tears, actually cried endlessly.

Christopher sighed somewhat helplessly. "Rosalie, I understand your heart, but it is really impossible between us. Can't you be a little more clear-headed?"

"I am sorry. . . " Rosalie heard what he said and her tears gushed out again. She cried more and more fiercely.

Knowing that she felt wronged, Christopher squatted down in front of her and eased the expression on his face as he looked at her. "My attitude today is not good. You go back first today. There are some things that we can talk about anothe
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