“Welcome to the world,” I said in a heavy voice in order to hide my identity. I was having serious doubts about whether I should reveal my face to this man or not. He could pay a visit to any nearby police station after I was over with him and file a complaint about me.

That would be unnecessary trouble since Celine was going to eat me alive if she found out what my actual intention was behind kidnapping this man. She would forget all the bloody dreams she had in her heart about this marriage. The only thing that would matter to her would join her name with mine. For sure, she would drag me to the courthouse by my shirt collar for me to say the two words that had the power to latch me to her for life.

I shook my head in horror. That would be worse than anything that has happened to me in this life. It was the nightmare that held the power to ruin my present and future. It would be a crime to jump into the firepit knowing that it would burn me if I wasn’t careful. I wasn’t that fooled
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