CHAPTER 11: Broken 2


No matter how hard I thought of who to call when my car suddenly broke down at the highway, I ended up calling Arsenio. Why? Because he's the only friend I know I wouldn't be inconveniencing at that moment.

I couldn't call Lu Cheng out in a weather like this, she have kids to look after. Neither could I call her husband, he's a family man. Lana's pregnant and I can't expect her husband to leave her side on a rainy day because of me. It wouldn't make sense. I called my personal mechanic, he wasn't available at the moment. I couldn't think of anyone else because of the introverted life I've lived since I moved here. My only option turned out to be Arsenio and I'm grateful he was able to come for me.

"Thank you Arsenio, I'll make it up to you one day." I said raising my gaze when I felt the car pulled up as I had my eyes closed all through the ride.

"It's nothing. I'm glad you called me." He smiled. I took that opportunity to look around and I found the environmen
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