I don't have a mate

Sean’s POV

It had been a long time since Sean had been a part of a pack like this one. Even though neither he nor Adina were officially part of the Blackmoon pack, they were treated like it. The number of wolves that had come up to tell him welcome was overwhelming.

A surprising development was that as a named brother of the alpha, the new lunas bodyguard, a skilled warrior and unmated. Sean had become price game for the young unmated she-wolves of the pack.

It had taken Sean a while to notice, but as he stood a little to the side, making sure Adina was safe, he noticed a large group of women, giggling. It unnerved him, but they didn’t seem to be a threat, so he ignored them. Then a couple of them walked over to him, asking him questions and Sean did his best to be polite, but get them to leave.

Jason came walking over to him with a grin on his face. Sean shook his head, that grin couldn’t mean anything good.

“Sean, looks like I have some competition for the eligible woman of the pack
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