Welcome to the pack

Adina’s POV

Adina was cooking breakfast in the communal kitchen as Sean set the table, and Colin made coffee and brought juice and milk to the table. It was one of those mornings when their little family could sit and eat breakfast together.

Due to all their different schedules, it was hard to get all six of them to sit down together. Breakfast was also the only meal the alpha throuple didn’t eat with the pack.

Julia and Mateo came in just as Adina poured the scrambled eggs into a bowl and handed it to Colin to bring to the table.

“You should have let me help with breakfast,” Julia said.

“No, need,” Adina smiled and handed her a basket with toast. Julia smiled and took it to the table before sitting beside her mate.

Sean came and gave her a quick kiss, grabbed the plate with bacon, and walked over to the table. Jason came into the kitchen and smiled at Adina.

“We missed you at dinner yesterday,” he smirked. Adina fought hard against blushing.

“Stop teasing my mate,” Colin said, givi
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