The suprise

At lunch, Colin announced that a new member of the pack would be introduced shortly, he told the pack about Clara being the new pack doctor, and he slipped in the fact that he was half-human, as she had wanted.

When he told everyone that Clara was Jason’s mate, Adina could see the disappointment on the single females’ faces. Jason had been the last of the high ranks in the pack to be unmated.

As the lunch was done, Adina, Colin and Sean all headed upstairs.

“The apartment is off limits until dinner,” Adina told her mates.

“You have to let Sean stay with you,” Colin told her.

“No, I’ll be safe in our apartment. He can work in our office,” Adina told them.

“Sweetheart, I can sit on the couch. I won’t be in the way, and I won’t see anything,” Sean said.

“No. No one comes up here unless invited, and both of you are close by,” she insisted.

Adina watched as her two mates looked at each other and sighed.

“Okay, but mind link us if there is anything,” Colin said, kissing her.

“I will be in t
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