Colin’s POV

Colin watched Adina work. Her eyes were closed, and she had her hands on Sean’s body. There was a steady trickling of silver coming out of is wound and into the basin.

Clara came walking into the room with Jason. Jason went pale when he saw Sean. Clara swallowed hard but continued to walk up to the gurney. Before Colin knew it, he had emitted a low growl as a warning. His wolf was just under the surface and saw both his mates being vulnerable and he reacted out of instinct.

“Sorry,” he said to Clara. She had frozen in the spot as he growled, and Jason had moved between his friend and his mate.

“Go ahead, just go slow and don’t do any sudden movements,” Colin tried to smile at them.

They had decided that Clara should stay in the shelter during the attack in case something went wrong, and Doc had been injured during the attack. Clara hadn’t been happy about it, but it was the prudent thing to do as they now had two doctors in the pack.

She now carefully looked over Sean’s i
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