Telling the pack

Sean’s POV

“So she brought Tia with her,” Adina sighed. It wasn’t a question.

Sean growled, and he felt Colin tense up and growl as well.

“That can be an issue,” Adina admitted.

“Both Colin and I are more protective than usual, as you can understand,” Adina added.

“I understand,” Liam nodded.

“That goes for the pack as well. We have just been through a major battle, and they almost lost Sean. If they find out someone is trying to take him away, that individual will not have a peaceful time in this pack,” Colin said.

“I get that, and if you allow her to visit, I will make that clear to her. I have talked to her after your visit and she knows she was in the wrong,” Liam said.

“We will let them in. Sean’s mother should be able to see him,” Adina said.

“Baby cake, that isn’t necessary,” Sean objected.

“I have no issue turning them away,” Colin agreed.

“But I do. Are you going to argue with me?” Adina asked.

“No, baby,” Colin sighed.

“You are too stubborn and kind-hearted for your own good
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